SDManager for Windows NT™

Last updated: Aug 3, 2004
Note: SDManager is no longer updated and supported. The latest version may be used under the freeware license terms.
SDManager is a tool set for administration of ACLs (Access Control Lists) on Windows systems. The following functionality and features are implemented:
  • Full feature support via command line (SDProcessor) or GUI (SDEditor).
  • Reading, replacing and modifying of access permissions, audit settings and owner.
  • Supported objects: Files, directories, shares, registry keys, printers, services.
  • Support for explicit SID notation (e.g. to remove deleted accounts from ACLs)
  • Local and remote access to ACLs.
  • Object browser.
  • Shell extension for file context menus (optionally).
  • Copy/Paste support for access list entries.
  • Wildcard support for batch processing.
  • Backup support for ACLs.
This application was designed for Windows NT 4.0. All ACLs are created fully compatible to the tools coming with this system (explorer, regedt32, sacl). It works on Windows 2K/XP as well, however, you cannot control all settings and features then (e.g. propagation of inheritable permissions).
  • Lincense Agreement
  • Download v4.1.8 (ZIP-file, 821 kB)
  • Screenshots:  SDEditor , SDProcessor
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